I’m interested in the study of the partial differential equations (PDE) at the heart of general relativity: the Einstein equations. My research is twofold:

  • Construction of high-frequency solutions to the Einstein vacuum equations.
  • Stability of black holes as solutions to the Einstein vacuum equations.

Articles & preprints

In reverse chronological order taking into account the first release on arXiv.

4.   High-frequency solutions to the constraint equations. (June 2022, arXivCommun. Math. Phys, 402(1):97-140, 2023.

3.   Geometric optics approximation for the Einstein vacuum equations. (June 2022, arXiv) Commun. Math. Phys, 402(3):3109-3200, 2023.

2.   Global existence of high-frequency solutions to a semi-linear wave equation with a null structure. (September 2021, arXiv) Asymptotic Analysis, 131(3-4):541–582, 2023.

1.   Einstein vacuum equations with 𝕌(1) symmetry in an elliptic gauge: local well-posedness and blow-up criterium. (January 2021, arXiv) Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations, 19(04):635–715, 2022.

Articles 2, 3 and 4 of this list constitute my PhD thesis, which starts with an introduction written in French.


1. Geometric optics approximation for the Einstein vacuum equations. Séminaire Laurent Schwartz — EDP et applications, Exposé no. 7, 12 p. (2022-2023)

Seminars & conferences






  • Groupe de lecture en relativité (Sorbonne Université, LJLL, September 2020)



From 2022 onwards, I’m organizing the Reading Group in General Relativity taking place each month at LJLL (Sorbonne Université) and CMLS (École Polytechnique).

  • The 2023-2024 program consists in reading various articles around shock formation in nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs.
  • The 2022-2023 program consisted in reading The linear stability of the Schwarzschild solution to gravitational perturbations by Dafermos-Holzegel-Rodnianski.

If you want to join, feel free to contact me!