I’m interested in the study of the partial differential equations (PDE) at the heart of general relativity: the Einstein equations. My research is twofold:

  • Construction of high-frequency solutions to the Einstein vacuum equations.
  • Stability of black holes as solutions to the Einstein vacuum equations.

Publications and preprints

From most recent to oldest (the dates correspond to the preprints’ publications).

4.   High-frequency solutions to the constraint equations. June 2022, arXiv:2206.13062.

3.   High-frequency solutions to the Einstein vacuum equations: local existence in generalised wave gauge. June 2022, arXiv:2206.12318, submitted.   

2.   Global existence of high-frequency solutions to a semi-linear wave equation with a null structure. September 2021, arXiv:2109.15204, accepted in Asymptotic Analysis.

1.   Einstein vacuum equations with 𝕌(1) symmetry in an elliptic gauge: local well-posedness and blow-up criterium. January 2021, arXiv:2101.09093, accepted in Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations.

Articles 2,3 and 4 of this list constitute my PhD thesis, which starts with an introduction written in French.

Seminars and talks